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First Birthday Party – Preview

My son had his first birthday Monday. We had his party the Saturday before his actual birthday, since that was the closest weekend. As always, I was obsessed with all the details of the party and probably went overboard!!

Everyone kept telling me “don’t stress about the party, he won’t remember it!”, well, I WILL remember it and all those “stressful” details are important to me! 🙂 I spent lots of time creating custom designs for his big day, but would you expect anything else?

Here is a sneak peek at the invitation… more photos of the designs will be coming soon!

1st Birthday Invite

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Christmas Cards 2011

I know the holiday season is over (and I am thankful for that!) but I wanted to make sure to post some pictures of this years Parsons Design Market Christmas Cards. Homemade cards are a nice, heartfelt treat to your loved ones for the holidays and even though you may not have time to make them yourself, you can always buy homemade cards! Here is this years selection…

Polar Bear "Season's Greetings"

Polar Bear

Polar Bear "Happy Holidays"

Reindeer Card 1

Reindeer Card 2

Reindeer Card 3

Reindeer Card 4

Reindeer "Happy Holidays"

Reindeer "Happy Holidays" 2

Reindeer "Season's Greetings"

Santa Card

Santa "Happy Holidays"

Santa "Merry Christmas" 1

Santa "Merry Christmas" 2

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Hot Pink & Black Wedding Invitation

Many Brides like to include black in their color scheme, it makes for a great backdrop for photos and accessories. It is also convenient to use, since pretty much everything is made in black. Some Brides even select black bridesmaid dresses, adding bright pops of color. (Some Brides even let their bridesmaids pick their own black dresses, so there is a good chance they will get to wear them again!). For this wedding Hot Pick was chosen as the “pop of color” to add to black. I think the colors look fantastic together!

Frontside of Invitation

Backside of Invitation with Cards

Accommodations Card

Reception Card

Response Postcard Front

Response Postcard Back

Invitation without band

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Light Pink & Brown Wedding Invitation

Light Pink and Brown seem to be popular wedding colors and for good reason, they look so sweet together. Here is a simples Light Pink & Brown wedding invitation with an Accommodations card, Reception card and Response postcard.

Front of Invitation

Backside of Invitation with Cards

Accommodations Card

Reception Card

Response Postcard frontside

Response Postcard backside

Invitation without Band

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Child’s Name Artwork

This is an adorable addition to any child’s room. This piece of artwork was designed for a new family, who had chosen not to find out the sex of their child in advance. The nursery was decorated in very neutral colors, with a neutral safari theme. After their daughter arrived, they wanted to “girly up” the room. So with keeping with the safari theme, and adding in some very girly colors, I created this piece of artwork.

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High School Graduation Open House 2011

2011 High School Grad – Open House Invite

This was so fun to create! I have known the grad since she was born, so it was awesome to be asked to design her High School Graduation Open House invitation! We thought that creating a postcard invitation with her senior picture on it, would “kill two birds with one stone” sort of speak, invitees would receive a senior picture & an invitation to the open house!

Graduation Invitation Front

Graduation Invitation Back

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Summer 2011 Wedding Invitation

Summer Wedding Invitation

This invitation was so fun to design! I love the colors the bride & groom picked, green, yellow and orange! The bride is “obsessed” with the color yellow, so that was the main wedding color, the groom did not want to be overwhelmed by it, so they added the color green! The groom LOVES orange, so we used pops of orange for accents. The bride fell in love with the petal fold, so I started my design from the petal onwards. I found an adorable flower design with hearts as each petal, which seemed very appropriate for this loving couple. I have to say, this is the first wedding invitation I have created where the groom was just as involved in the design as the bride!

Petal Fold Invitation & Envelope

Inside Petal Invitation


Accommodations, Reception & Direction Cards

Response Postcard/Love Quote Front

Response Postcard Back

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Spring 2011 Wedding Invitation

Spring Wedding Invitation

What a great couple! The bride & groom were paying for their own wedding and wanted to add some personalization without spending loads of money on a wedding planner. The bride describes herself as “not a creative person”, so she wanted me to design the invite all on my own. The only colors the bride had chosen were watermelon pink, for the bridesmaid dresses and black for the groom & groomsmen tuxedos. She had a few ideas on other colors, but let my imagination design the rest. We found a wonderful light green color that looked fantastic with the bright watermelon pink, and a light champagne color, that was both neutral & elegant. Since this wedding took place in the spring I felt that flowers would make great accents.

Invitation & Envelope

Pocket on Back of Invite

Accommodations & Reception Cards

Response Postcard Front/Love Quote

Response Postcard Back

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Fall 2010 Wedding Program

Fall Wedding Program

The burnt orange/copper & lavender colors were carried through to the program, with an added silver page for easy reading. The couple expressed how important it was to them to mention everyone involved in the wedding and to have a note from them to their guests.

Program page 1

Program page 2

Program page 3

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Fall 2010 Wedding Invitation

Fall 2010 Wedding Invitation
These invitations were designed around an entire “Fall” theme. The bride & groom chose an October wedding date which set the stage for the fall theme. The bride fell in love with the eggplant/lapis color purple, the groom knew he wanted to wear brown, from that the wedding colors were born. A burnt orange/copper color and a light lavender color rounded out the wedding designs.

Invitation & Envelope

Inside Invitation

Accommodations & Reception Information

Response Postcard/Music Request Front

Response Postcard Back

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Green is my favorite color & I think Green looks good on everyone